Kingdom of the Ark follows the tale of Scota and explores how the ancient peoples of Britain could be descended from the Pharaohs of Egypt. By identifying her origins, that is the Amarna Period of Egypt's 18th Dynasty, did this daughter of the infamous Akhenaten and Nefertifi flee Egypt, c. 1400, and head west? Examining archaeological evidence, prehistoric trade routes, genetics, linguistics and Egyptology, the author challenges current views of the early days of British civilisation and the origins of what some people refer to as the ancient Britons.






What they say............


I found the book to be very interesting & knowledgeable for those readers who have a major interest in the Ark of the Covenant & Ancient Egyptian history. A first class book of historical events, together with great discoveries of how the ancient British race came to be from Egypt.

Carole Waller


Lorraine Evans puts forward a very convincing case, based on archeology and document review, for contact between Ancient Egypt, Continental Europe, Britain, and Ireland. This book challenges conventional Eurocentric views of history.

Paul Jefels


Fantastic book. Well researched and presented. The author obviously has a very good understanding of the subject matter.

Caliieach Eilidh


Absolutely mesmerising story of ancient Britain, clearly written and beautifully researched. A well written, thoroughly engaging book.



I found this book delightful. Ms. Evans begins with two archaeological finds within the British Isles and then, literally, goes on a quest to determine if the facts can support the preliminary conclusions. The finds mentioned indicate that ancient Egyptians had visited Britain as early as 1350 B.C. Knowing that such a thing could never be accepted by mainstream archaeologists, Evans sets out to determine if such a "far out" thing could have happened, and if so, under what circumstances.

Readers will find that the author covers a significant swath of Egyptian history in the process of pursuing the facts, and we are the benefactors of her extensive knowledge and research skills. The story that unfolds is both logical and believable. She can not "prove" her theory, of course, but she can and does build a solid case. At any rate, this is a first-rate look at a long-lost and fascinating civilization that predates our own by thousands of years. It's a story well told.

John B Ringer


This book is extremely well written. I have to admit I was ignorant of the amount of evidence that Britain was visited since the dawn of time by not only Egyptians, but Phoenicians and even Turks! And given we now know that the ancient Egyptians were visiting Mexico (due to the cocain mummies) its really not a shock to think they sailed to the UK.

Christopher B Robinson


Did the ancient British ethnic group descend from Egyptian pharaohs? Compelling research and historical/archaeological exploration. Kept my interest to the end.


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