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JOB VACANCY - I will be looking for a competent and reliable Research Assistant in the upcoming new year. Subject matters will be varied but will naturally be of an archaeological and/or historical nature. Please contact me at info@lorraineevans.com for further details or fill in the contact form under the Feedback listing to the left. Thank you (16th December 2017)


Just a quick request. I have received a couple of emails from people lately, via the contact form, and regrettably they have not left a forwarding email address. Therefore, I have been unable to reply to their queries. Please don't forget to leave your address chaps. Otherwise you can email me directly at info@lorraineevans.com Many thanks. Lorraine (5th December 2017)


Delighted to announce that I have just signed a new publishing deal with Pen and Sword Books. The title of said new tome is 'Symbols of Mortality' and it will examine a variety of burial grounds and associated ideas of mortality. Such beauties will include Anglo-Saxon execution cemeteries, plague pits, charnels, Memento Mori, Egyptomania and much, much more. Oh, and did I mention there would be skulls, plenty of skulls. Further details to follow.


Lorraine Evans - 8th November 2016

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